My #Subbox Brings All the Peeps to the Yard

Thinking of starting a subscription box business? Here’s our take on marketing tips that will boost your business

Over at Subli we’re fans of a lot of people. The Ultimate Warrior (what a speech right?), the peeps that invented astronaut ice cream and a whole load of pretty cool guys and girls that know a thing or two about how to get a business up and running and makin’ moola online over here.

One of these band of merry online marketing folk is a whipper snapper by the name of Dave McClure. Some say when he’s not out tampering with bear traps to help keep these lovely creatures alive and waving, he’s often found tinkering with online marketing mechanics and talking about them in videos such as this one here (please note, this guy loves to cuss once in a while so ear phones in if you’re in work!)

What we love most about his methodology of online marketing, isn’t solely related to the fact that the name he gives this way of looking at your customer acquisition cycle the amazingly cool title of Pirate Metrics, but that it really helps focus all of your marketing efforts in to what really matters at a specific moment in time for your business. Often it’s a crazy whirlwind of finding products, sticking shipping labels (and not getting stuck to shipping labels) and all manner of other things that go in to your daily grind of running your subscription box business, so this methodology really helps narrow in the most important parts of your online marketing efforts at the right stage of your business.

Simply put this metrics system is broken down into 5 parts; Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue and Referral.

What we love most about this system is that instead of trying to come up with the most kick ass referral system in the first few weeks of your business when you really should be concentrating on Acquisition and Activation, the Pirate Metrics approach helps bring clarity to what really makes a difference in getting new customers to part with their hard earned dollars to buy your awesome subs box, what do they look like and how do you get to more of them at the right cost.

Over the next month we’re going to break down these 5 points with some handy tips to help you get a better flavor for what works best for your subs box.

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Ps. Treat yourself to this awesome recipe for the ultimate strawberry cheesecake milkshake while you watch the video!